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Designing a product is one thing, fabricating that product is a whole other thing that requires taking an initial product design through an important step called fabrication design. When it comes to the product development cycle, it all starts with an idea. The idea leads to product design, and then engineering, prototyping, and, finally, fabrication. In other words, there’s quite a number of tasks to be completed between product design and fabrication. In short, just because a product has been designed, doesn’t necessarily mean that it can be manufactured in its current state. This is especially true for custom fabricated steel products, which often go from the design step along to a fabrication design step prior to the product moving on to the other stages of the project. During the fabrication design stage, the designer and fabricator have to work together to make any necessary alterations to the product in order to address any conflicts between the initial design and the fabrication process that’ll be used to create the product.

RJ Machine Works offers quality design and drafting solutions. A well-versed team of drafters, and designers will take your concept and bring it to life. Employing the most advanced tools we will produce a design to build a project that will be tailored your needs. All under one roof, so you can be assured of a high-quality product.




The main task of our drafters is to consult the engineered drawings relating to a project, interpret what they mean, then create their own unique drawings which relate to the components required to complete the project. These drawings include the location and specifications of every component in the entire structure and total accuracy is essential for success. Also known as detail drawings, shop drawings are created for the benefit of the fabrication team and contain the specifications relating to every component that needs to be fabricated, such as the steel beams, braces, joists, trusses, and columns. Shop drawings typically include material and surface specs, component dimensions, as well as details relating to welding, painting, and bolting.



The RJ Machine Works design division provides a complete range of services for industrial fabrication projects. Services include – developing custom solutions for improving efficiency, increasing equipment productivity, upgrading and manufacturing metal parts, and other custom design services. RJ Machine Works provides services that range from initial conceptual evaluation through to front-end design, detailed design, procurement, fabrication, installation, pre-commissioning, startup, commissioning and functional safety assessment.




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